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    For over 17 years, Technicode Labels Inc. has been providing high quality barcode labeling supplies, offering thermal transfer labels in standard and custom sizes. Thermal transfer technology is a digital printing process in which printer elements heat the backside of a thermal transfer ribbon to melt and transfer the material onto the label in order to create an image. Our labels are ideal for applications requiring label longevity and in situations where the label will be exposed to various environmental conditions such as direct sunlight or high temperatures. Labels are in paper and synthetic formats, including polyester or polypropylene. Paper labels are perforated, and are composed of a premium coated ultra smooth paper. The bright white matte finish is smudge resistant and boasts excellent imaging properties, with outstanding readability of even the finest print. Paper labels have a permanent acrylic adhesive for adhesion to a range of surfaces. We carry labels for use in high speed and standard transfer printers, with application temperatures from 25°F to 150°F and service temperatures ranging from -65°F to 200°F.

    Thermal transfer labels are available in 1" or 3" core rolls, fanfolded, or flood coated options. We also carry paper tags, and offer convenient prepackaged label and ribbon kits. All of our products are highly customizable for easy integration into customer applications. To learn more about our cost effective thermal transfer labels, or our other products and services please contact us directly.

  • direct_thermal_labels

    At Technicode Labels Inc. we are proud providers of premium barcode labeling supplies, offering direct transfer labels for use in direct thermal printing applications. With the strides made in direct transfer label technology, this process has grown from being suitable for only a small group of niche markets to applications in numerous industries. We stay abreast in all market innovations, bringing the latest products to our customers. Our labels are of the highest quality, able to produce a high contrast black image on white matte finish coated paper. This heat sensitive medium requires no ribbon. Printing is activated chemically, as heat from the printer is applied to the thermochromic paper, turning the label's coating black in reaction to reveal the finished image.

    We offer fanfolded labels, direct thermal tag or ticket stock, labels for mobile printer units, and labels by the roll. Rolls sizes include a 1" core by 4" outside diameter roll, or 3" core by 8" outside diameter. Labels vary greatly in size for convenient use in multiple situations. All labels are perforated, and feature an all temperature permanent acrylic adhesive. Labels withstand application temperatures from 32°F to 120°F, and a large range in service temperatures from -75°F to 200°F. Our pricing is structured for bulk discounts as an incentive to quantity buyers. For more information about our direct transfer labels or the other high quality product lines available please contact us directly.

  • specialty_labels

    In order to meet the increasing demand for enhanced labeling, at Technicode Labels we are pleased to offer a selection of specialty labels for a range of applications. Our tamper evident labels are ideal for theft deterrent or products with safety precautions and are composed of a polyolefin-based, clay coated film. The product is grease resistant, waterproof, and can be used in extreme temperature environments. Another specialty offering is our radio frequency identification (RFID) products. RFID is an automatic identification and data capture technology, storing information on electronic chips that are then affixed to labels. Product tracking and identification can be used for any product, with applications as varied as automobile tracking and animal identification. We offer class one chips operating on UHF 915 MHz frequency with 96 bit inlet memory. Chips are available in a variety of sizes, and chip location is specified by manufacturer.

    Additional specialty products include low cost inkjet and laser labels, electronic labels, and prepackaged label and ribbon kits. These products are available in standard and custom sizes in a series of materials and colors. We also offer label imprinting, providing customers with preprinted barcode labels, thermal transfer labels or direct thermal labels with verified barcodes. Customers can select from standard papers and films or have particular requirements met with products such as retro-reflective labels. We provide UL and CSA recognized products, and supply preprinted labels on rolls, sheeted, or fanfolded. For more information about the specialty labels offered at Technicode, or the other standard and custom products available please contact us directly.

  • thermal_transfer_ribbons

    Since 1997, Technicode, Inc. has been offering high quality barcode labeling supplies throughout the United States and Canada. To compliment the wide variety of thermal transfer stock and custom, thermal transfer labels, Technicode offers a large selection of thermal transfer ribbon formulations to meet a wide range of thermal printing applications and specifications. Typical labeling applications include but are not limited to shipping labels, retail tags, pharmaceutical labels, machinery part labeling, and ingredient labels. Our ribbons can be used with paper, polyester, and polyethylene labels. For more details about our selection of durable high performance thermal transfer ribbons please contact us directly.

    Technicode offers the following thermal transfer ribbon formulations compatible with the industry's most popular printers. Choose such as: Avery®, Automated Packaging®, Cab®, Eltron®, Blaster®, Bell Mark®, Fasco® / Paxar®, Datamax®, Intermec®, Markem®, Monarch®, Ovation®, Printronics®, Sato®, Toshiba-Tec®, Video Jet®, Zebra® and Zebra-Pax®. Choose from the following high quality products from DNP and ITW Thermal Films.

  • thermal_printers

    Alongside our capabilities as premium barcode label suppliers, at Technicode Labels Inc. we carry a range of high quality thermal printers and accessories. We are proud distributors of Toshiba and Toshiba TEC, Zebra, Datamax and Avery barcode printers, brands with a reputation for proven performance and reliability. Unique features include ribbon save, two ribbon core media loading, and near edge printhead technology. Advanced functionality includes RFID options. Printers are easy to use, and compact footprint models are available. Our selection of thermal printers is designed for industrial performance and is supplied with an available extended 2 year warranty. Additionally, a range of in-demand products are available and ready for shipment including barcoding software, scanners, readers, data collectors, printhead cleaners, and labelmate dispensers.

    We work with customers to determine application requirements and act as a solution source, supplying the necessary equipment at competitive costs. Business needs as varied as real time locating, personnel tracking, material flow, or finished goods management can be met with our products and services. To learn more about our selection of thermal printers or our vast inventory of available supplies please contact us directly.

  • custom_labels_bucket

    Technicode specializes in custom size blank or printed labels with up to 4 colors.