Made in America
Technicode Labels
7.7 Mil topcoated semi-gloss, anti-static white polyimide film for electronics labeling is coated with an aggressive permanent acrylic adhesive and backed with a 50# kraft release liner.

UL Recommended Thermal Transfer Ribbon - SDR-5
Other Recommended Thermal Transfer Ribbons are : SDR and SDR-6
Unit of Measure



N/A 0.25 x 0.25 in.

Labels Across

N/A 7

Vertical Repeat

N/A 0.375 in.

Horizontal Repeat

N/A 0.350 in.


N/A 2.500 in.

Labels per Package

N/A 10000

Ship From State/Province


Shipping Location

N/A Robinson, IL


N/A Ideal for marking electronic components, and the top/bottom side of printed circuit boards. This material is designed to withstand high temperatures and harsh chemicals. Withstands through-hole and surface mount circuit board processes. This material is ideal for industrial bar code applications requiring durability. This high-performance material is designed for applications requiring excellent solvent and scratch resistance. Excellent material for circuit board applications that require an ESD material.


N/A Indoor use only. Excellent scratch, abrasion, chemical, and heat resistant when printed with a thermal transfer resin based ribbon. This film is dimensionally stable (no shrinkage), high performance adhesive. Preheating of the material and ribbon will enhance the performance. This material has lower resistivities than our white glossy polyimide, (test methods employed were in accordance with EOS/ESD S11.11) and shorter static decay times. When the label is peeled from its release liner, less than 25 volts per square inch of electrostatic charge is generated, making it safe to use in a static free work environment, per EIA 625 and 541.

Application Notes

Service Temperature

1-30 minutes 572°F 300°F
2-4 minutes 617°F 325°F
1-9 seconds 842°F 450°F
1-3 seconds 1000°F 538°F

Min. Application Temperature

N/A 50 ºF10 ºC

Exterior Durability

N/A Indoor use only

Storage Stability

N/A Store at 70°F (21°C) and 40-50% RH for optimal performance

Shelf Life

N/A 2 years at proper storage conditions

Chemical Reagent


  Label Stock (without printing) Printing (using suggested ribbons) Printing (cotton swab rub)
Household cleaners No effect No effect No effect
Mild acid No effect No effect No effect
Oil, Water No effect No effect No effect
1 Part IPA, I Part Min. Spirits No effect No effect No effect
Terpene Defluxer No effect No effect No effect
Toulene No effect No effect Print removal
Saponifier No effect No effect No effect


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